Friday, March 23, 2012

Introducing Red Dog

Red Dog on a security break!!!!
I want to introduce everyone to Red Dog.  He is an eighty five pound 18 month old Rhodesian Ridge Back that became a part of our family almost a year ago and he is a mess.  He was graciously given to us last year by a co-worker right before our last child moved out for college.  As "empty nesters" we first thought having a dog around would be more trouble than it was worth but we would give it a try and see where it would lead.  "MY" plan was to keep him an outside dog especially given the fact that he came to us from the farm and was used to having the whole outdoors as his play ground but my wife had her own top secret plan to make him an indoor dog. I protested at first, but as many husbands know there is not much you can do once the wife makes up her mind what she wants to do.  Inside dog won! So I licked my wounds and collapsed to the idea like a old broken down lawn chair.  Red Dog's previous owners called him Red but after watching him make a Transformer like adjustment to indoor living  we decided on Red Dog after the dog character "Yellow Dog" in the 1988 Chevy Chase movie "Funny Farm".  Red Dog left the dangers of farm living to indoor plumbing and air conditioning.  It didn't take him long to realize he had stumbled into a pretty sweet deal judging by his unwillingness to get more than twenty feet from the back door when forced to go outside for potty breaks.  So now he lives a life of dog luxury and I fully expect him to start asking for grey poupon on his food any day now. 
He entertains my wife and I almost daily with his antics and over sized juvenile charm.  He is one of the most well mannered dogs I have ever had but he is like an over grown puppy always getting into mischief and making us laugh.  He has been the inspiration for the "Red Dog Adventure" stories that I have been writing about on Facebook for the past year.  Many of my friends tell me I should write a children's book about our adventures and maybe some day I will but for now I am going to blog about him and see where it goes.  
This is my first blog  ever and I want to thank my wife for taking me by the hand leading me through blogger world. It is my hope that you will at least get a little chuckle out of our little mishaps.  So please come along and enjoy Texas Red Dog Adventures.  

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  1. Lei Ann Hilbig LohmannMarch 24, 2012 at 11:08 PM

    Yay!! I enjoy reading about Red Dog on your Facebook page. Can't wait to read your blog. And thanks to your wife for helping you do this!!