Sunday, March 25, 2012

Red Dog the Multitasker

I found out Saturday morning that Red Dog is a multitasker.  As you can see in the picture (well as you can kind of see in the picture) Red Dog is standing over one of Debbie's momma cats feeding her new kittens.  He sat over these guys for several minutes just to make sure that those babies got their morning breakfast.  Red Dog must have read somewhere ( I'm assuming in news pawper, barkazine, or sniffing the web) that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and apparently guarding nursing kittens is quit exhausting because he took a nap as soon as the meal was over.  After about an hour I walked in to the dining room and found him lying in the floor, eyes wide with this desperate look on his face like you have to help me.  The kitten must have woke up before Red Dog and were ready to burn off some of those recently consumed calories and Mount Red Dog was just the place to start.  Those kittens were climbing over him, on top of him, biting his tail and sitting on his head.  It looked like a soft fuzzy kitty version of piranhas attacking their prey with poor ole Red Dog patiently lying there putting up with it all.  He looked up at me with those big brown eyes and I swear I heard him say in a soft desperate voice "Heeelllllpppp Meeeee".   I just had to laugh.  
Later in the day Debbie let some of her chickens out to free range graze (now doesn't that sound stupid to say free range grazing for chickens.  It makes it sound like wild chickens roamed the prairie along side the buffalo eating hoards of bugs from the land.).....Sorry about that.  Another story for another day.  But anyway, Debbie went out to put up the chickens with Red Dog at her side and to her surprise she found out that he has yet another hidden talent.  Not only is he a top notch sleeper, eater, pooper and extremely loud barker, he is a Rhodesian Chicken Shepard (the Australians can't have complete ownership of the Shepard name).  Yes, Chicken Shepard.  He was out there giving it his all circling the herd and driving them back into their pen.  Not once did he attempt to make one of those chickens his next meal and when it was all finished, he proudly trotted back to the house with tail high in the air indicating that the job was done and done well.  It was a feat that any herdsman would have been proud of (lol).  
So now to top off the day and to show just how quickly Red Dog can get back into his normal duty mode of home security he made his way to the living room and posted up at one of the windows looking into the front yard with his head sticking through the curtains (which my wife really appreciates) carefully scanning for any new threats that might be a danger to those he has vowed to protect.  I felt such an over whelming since of peace that I sat down in my comfortable recliner and promptly drifted off to Nap Land.  Just as I reached the edge of complete unconsciousness, I was abruptly and loudly woken by this WOOOFFF WOOOFFF WOOOOFFFF WOOFFFFF.  Holy heart attack, I jumped so high I felt a ceiling fan blade whiz past my left ear.  What in the world set off Red Dogs security alarm.  As I gathered my wits and my wet britches I carefully made my way to the front door wondering what evil lurked on the other side.  I slowly opened the door expecting the worst and praying that whatever evil lied behind that door ran away at the sound of that sonic boom like bark.  As the door came wide open, I stood face to face with the evil that Red Dog was so desperately trying to scare away.  It was a four foot five inch temptress Girl Scout with boxes and boxes of devilish mega calorie cookies.  She overwhelmed me with her innocent like charm and before I knew it she had me.  While in a trance like state I handed her dollar after dollar just to get my hands on those bright shiny boxes of cookies.  I was defenseless.  I needed help.  There was a small portion of my brain that wasn't under her spell and I was thinking "where is Red Dog, I need him to chase this evil away".  But it was too late, he was caught up in her evil spell as well.  He was just sitting at her feet mesmerized by the stroke of her hand on his head.  As I handed her my last dollar the spell was broken with Red Dog and I standing there watching my money skip off into the sunset.  I guess it goes to show you that both of us have no skills against charming women with food and so it's something we need to work our next adventure, God bless you all.


  1. You should write a book! Thanjs for the entertainment! I love it!

    1. Thanks for stopping in. I am glad you enjoyed our little adventure. God bless you and come back again.

  2. You should write a book! Thanjs for the entertainment! I love it!