Friday, April 6, 2012

Double Trouble

One of the biggest reasons we got a Rhodesian Ridge Back was because of this little lady in this photo on the right. This is
Red Dog
Maddie.  She belongs to my Lubbock kids.  She is the first RRB that I had ever been around.  She is very loyal, well behaved, strong and protective.  That's what captured my attention about the breed.  A big ole stout dog that 
obeys commands, that's my kind of dog.  
So when I got the chance to get a Rhodesian Ridge Back I jumped on the RRB band wagon.  
A few weeks back Maddie came to visit Red Dog for the weekend while the kids headed off to the Metroplex to shop.  They always have a good time together and Red Dog is always excited to have company.  Sometimes too excited.  He gets that tree branch of a tail he has moving so fast it can knock you over.  Now having two RRB's in the house is like letting a pair of Belgian plow horses hang out in your living room.  Constantly walking around or climbing over these guys all day long just wore me out and I am in no shape to be exercising.  Both of them keep vying for my attention.  I pet one then here comes the other one trying to muscle in on the action.  This goes on back and forth Allllll Daaaaay Longgggg!!!  It's like watching a couple kids fight over the same game at Chuckie Cheese just without a giant goofy annoying mouse lip syncing to some loud obnoxious song in the corner of the room (can ya tell I'm a big CC fan).  By the end of the first day, they have ate every ounce of dog/cat food in the house, drank every water bowl dry and resorted to drinking out of the toilets.  I have never once drank toilet water in my life but it apparently tastes pretty good judging by the way they were gulping it down. YUCK.  You can decide for yourself what makes it so flavorful.  My wife is a real big fan of dogs drinking out of the toilet.  She loves mopping up the gallons of water that they slobber on the floor and is an even bigger fan of finding the slobbers/toilet water on the lid in the middle of the night.  You can figure out how she knows this on your
Finally the sun rose on day two of the weekend and we got the brilliant idea to go shopping in Wichita Falls.  Since there are no listings in the yellow pages for horse sitters in Seymour, we baited these two yahoo's into the back yard with a fifty pound bag of dog food and potty chair then ran to the car.  We were gone for several hours and when we got home I saw Maddie whining at the back door and Red Dog was no where to be found.  I figured he was out on the back side of the property creating another adventure for himself.  I was hoping Maddie would go back there to join him but after thirty minutes of this spoiled city dog whining at the back door I let her in.  All of a sudden Red Dog comes walking into the living room wagging his tail.  What the heck, they were both outside when we left.  I was so confused and come to find out I wasn't the only one.  There was a voice message on the phone and so I played it.  It was our wonderful next door neighbor K.K.  She called to let us know that she found Red Dog out running the neighborhood and brought him home.  She told me that when no one answered the door she opened it and Red Dog trotted off toward the bedroom.  Okay, so that solved the mystery of one dog in the back yard so I called back to thank her and got the rest of the story. 
After K.K. let Red Dog back in house and left the phone message she noticed something wrong in our back yard.  As next door neighbors we share a six foot wood picket fence that separates our back yards.  She could see from her side what appeared to Red Dog walking around in our back yard and she just put him in the house.  "Oh No" she thought as she strained to get a better look between the pickets.   If that's Red Dog in the back yard then who's dog did she just let into the house.  I think scenes from the movie "Turner and Hooch" were flashing through her head as she thought about some strange dog chewing up Debbie's robin egg blue leather furniture.  "What to do,oh what to do" she said.  Her five foot four inch frame couldn't see over the six foot fence so she pressed her nose against the wood and carefully studied the dog in the back yard through the cracks.  She finally came to the conclusion that it was Red Dog in the back and one of the doors must have been accidentally left open and so he went outside.  She then worried about critters getting in the house if there was a door left open.  She really wanted to go double check the doors but I think she was worried she might walk in to find me in there napping or even worse napping in my birthday suit.  Now that would scar anyone for life.  I explained to her that we were dog sitting for our kids and Maddie was the RRB in the back yard.  A sense of relief and confusion came over her as she processed this information.  She was so relieved.  It's so nice to have such wonderful caring neighbors like K.K. and Raye (her husband). They sure do take good care of us and Red Dog.  I need to make sure that a couple of rib eye steaks get delivered to their house in the near future and maybe I can teach ole Red Dog to use that tree branch of a tail to knock on the door.  Until the next adventure, God bless you all.                             

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  1. your neighbor must have been SO stressed out! trying to do a good deed and worrying you just put a strange dog into someone's house. :)